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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


It's hard to know how to write this, except to say that it comes from a place of great pain. The last few days our world has been set into a tail spin for all of us at GCH.

Most of you probably know that Flor, one of our eldest girls, ran away recently. This action was completely unexpected and we are trying to digest it all.

Yesterday, most of our children were in tears or angry that she would leave us like that. George, I, Pastor Martin and other helpers here are checking everything possible. As I write, a few "tios" are watching a potential home where she might be.

We spent 8 hours today looking for her, and wound up finding her mother, 2 aunts, her grandmother, and some siblings and cousins (not all in the same place).

We've all been praying regularly and continue to ask for prayer!! Flor needs to be here... God didn't bring her here by mistake!

Personally, Flor is very near and dear to our hearts. She oftens spends hours with us, talking with us, helping out, hanging out, etc as well as with the rest of our family. We know she has made a bad decision, but we also know that our God is the God of second chances.

I ask for your prayers for her, for GCH & for us personally. I don't know how many hours we'll spend tommorrow looking for her, but I know that the sheperd kept looking for the 1 sheep that wandered away.


Blogger Stephany Perez-Perez said...

I just want you to know that I have been praying!I saw this back in June and Was hoping to see some news! Praying for both you and your husband!

4:19 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Hi George and Stacey,
I used to know you guys casually through Venicia (Cuara) Shelton, we were in her wedding together Stacey. Through hearing about your nephew Andrew's book, it reminded me of your guys which brought me to this blog. I just read this story of Flor and then read down and saw the post of her gorgeous (I forget how it's spelled!) quincenera and it made me so sad. To see that lovely, seemingly happy young lady with George and to know she ran away shortly thereafter is heartbreaking. I'm wondering if you found her and she was restored to your extended family?
I have been at a children's center in Mozambique for the last nine years. Several years ago, one of my boys, Selso, just up and ran to the streets. We brought him back but after a few months, re ran away again and remains on the streets. This morning I got a text that he showed up at a friend's ministry for street kids. It just had me pondering - again - why someone would reject all the love and attention and care for the lure of the streets. I still don't know but pray Selso is restored someday soon. I will pray for Flor as well when I pray for Selso!
Blessings, Laura Anderson

12:33 AM  

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